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How Do We Live TogetherDocumentaries about global issues of cohabitation

How we live together is a question many philosophers, scientists, curators and artists have tried to answer, but it concerns us now like never before. It would be presumptuous to claim to offer an exhaustive answer, which is why the programme’s title has no question mark. Entrenching social, religious and political polarisation, impending environmental catastrophe, the problem of the Anthropocene, migration, financial inequality, propaganda tools and increasingly sophisticated methods of control are all issues that the works being shown deal with. Still, we mustn’t delude ourselves into thinking that cinema will solve these problems. Its task is far more modest and yet more vital. It helps us to live with them.

The films on the programme are in dispute with each other while at the same time complementing each other, since ‘living together’ doesn’t mean flattening contradiction. The programme’s dramatic structure is designed to move from the general to the particular, from global problems to the kinds of solutions that cinema is capable – or incapable – of offering at the level of experience. Viewers will be able to listen to contemporary researchers in Who We Were and see a disturbing picture of a post-human world in The Great Void. Oeconomia looks at the structure of modern financial capitalism, the monumental City Hall provides a behind-the-scenes view of city administration, and All Light, Everywhere reveals the connection between police science and technology. The creators of Bottled Songs and Letter to Jean Vigo show us what an analytical confrontation between propaganda and violence might look like, while The Filmmaker's House raises the question of the limits of hospitality.

Curator: Alexey Artamonov