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From July 26 to July 28, 2019, the preview of the New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival will take place. Our festival is a platform for bold cinema, opening new frontiers and expanding established formats.

Russian premieres, educational programs, meetings with the directors of tomorrow. We rely on original authors and the public who are open to experiments. The festival takes place in St. Petersburg based on the project New Holland: Cultural Urbanization.


Participation in the festival

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The call for entries for 2020 is open

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The first competition program for the festival will be held in 2020. It will include a full-length feature contest and a short film contest, where documentary, fiction and experimental works, between which the formal boundaries have long been outdated, will compete on equal terms. This year you will find a three-day program, which will include premieres of Russian and foreign films, discussions with authors, a selection of young video art, lectures by tutors from leading film schools and a round table on the topic of debut film financing.