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Main CompetitionFirst and second features by up-and-coming directors that have a unique vision and individual style

Formal investigations are what interests us but form, after all, is inseparable from content. The main competition features nine films produced in 2019 or 2020, each of them dealing with the problems of our time in its own way. The protagonists are mostly women, for who if not women are the most important agents of change today? An important criterion for selection is diversity. A third of the directors in the competition are women, and works from China, Colombia, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, Canada and the USA are represented on the programme, including in the case of the latter a film shot primarily in the Chinuk Wawa language by a Native American.

These films deal with issues of colonialism, posthumanism, feminism, neoliberalism and much besides. They do not exploit them, however, rather weaving them into the very fabric of cinematic language and the narratives constructed through the themes. They do not follow popular trends, instead reflecting on, thinking through and communicating them in a personal way. They all represent different ideas about cinema, which must be continually reinvented. All of these films have found a unique means of combining documentary, fiction and experimental principles – the three pillars of modern cinema. All the films are the directors’ first or second features, and you can expect to hear a lot more about them in future.