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26 July 2019

KISA Bar Party and Love Boat Party

Within the framework of the New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival, two parties will be held in Kuznyahouse to end the first and second days of the festival.


On the night of July 26/27 — KISA Bar Party by DJ Efim Ginzburg in Kuznyahouse. Efim Ginzburg is a well-known soundmaker, philophonist and DJ, performing at such venues as Shop & Bar Denis Simachev and Silencio nightclub (Paris). Starting at 00:00.


On July 27, at 23:00, the Love Boat party with Eva Vostroknutova and Vitaly Kozak will begin in Kuznyahouse. This party format was created by Kozak more than ten years ago and has since become one of the most anticipated non-scheduled nightlife events for locals.


Both parties will last all night. Dress code.