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7 — 10 OctoberKINOLABORATORIA is a platform supporting the development of independent film in Russia

About the project

The New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival has announced the launch of an international laboratory to support independent creators of short films in Russia and young directors, producers and screenwriters whose short films are in development and show potential for the international festival circuit.

Between 7 and 10 October, the directors and producers of eight Russian short films currently in the development and financing stage will participate in an individual mentoring course with international experts in screenwriting, production, financing and festival distribution. The laboratory will also include a training course to help prepare participants for a presentation consisting of five-minute pitches for each project to an audience of film industry professionals. An international jury will select and award prizes to the best projects.

In addition to the short film laboratory,
the Hennessy Perspectives programme is set to launch with the goal of supporting contemporary Russian filmmaking. A special grant covering the entire cost of producing a short film has been established under the programme.

Vladimir Nadein
Laboratory curator
Vladimir Nadein is a producer, curator and actor born in Moscow, Russia in 1993. He is a co-curator of the Russian Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale 2021.

An international jury will select and award prizes to the best projects.

3 000 000 ₽
Hennessy Perspectives grant to cover the entire cost of producing a short film
2 х 500 000 ₽
2 equal development awards
Selection results

We are delighted to announce the results of the selection for the KINOLABORATORIA short film laboratory with the support of Hennessy Perspectives – a platform for identifying and developing projects by young directors, producers and screenwriters

We have received 180 applications from a diverse range of auteurs and would like to thank them for their participation in the selection process and their confidence in us.

Eight very different but equally interesting projects have been selected for participation in KINOLABORATORIA, ranging from fiction to experimental and essay films.

We have reviewed a great deal of projects, and among them a lot of really strong work. Unfortunately, that means that in some cases even very interesting projects had to be rejected after consideration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any general questions. We are unfortunately unable to review or discuss individual applications.
We look forward to receiving your future projects!

Selected projects 2021
  1. Antisexus, Dina Karaman
  2. Little Blue Light, Maxim Pechersky
  3. Dva, Alexandra Karelina
  4. Kolka, Sonya Petrenko
  5. The Invisibles, Sophia Lipatova
  6. Scarab, Daur Ladariya
  7. Phytocontrol, Alexey Mikhailov
  8. Marron, pas Blanc, Egor Shevchenko and Rinat Bek
If you have any questions please email to:
Hennessy Perspectives

Hennessy Perspectives is a programme supporting contemporary Russian filmmaking, and intends to be both informative and educational. Its main objective is to bring new names and talents to the local film industry, helping to develop and popularise auteur and festival cinema in Russia and abroad.

Award ceremony 2021