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Panel Discussion

Aftershock: What the New Wave of Horror Does Differently

13 October FREE  19:30
Pavilion, New Holland Island

Critics have suggested many names and definitions to describe the latest crop of horror films, though none are as fanciful as post-horror. It suggests that the development of the genre and all previous stages in its evolution have been abandoned, leaving the audience in a kind of limbo state, at the edge of a precipice beyond which our nightmares are something completely unfamiliar. They either disappear and cease to scare us, bleed into other genres, or take on an alien, unknown or indescribable form.

Director Nikita Lavretski, film critic Yana Telova and the curators of the Films from the Uncanny Valley programme Marat Shabaev and Maksim Selezniov will participate in a roundtable to discuss the current state of horror and try to answer the question of whether the genre really has seen irreversible transformations in the 21st century and what exactly might have changed in its genetic makeup.

Free admission, registration is required via the link