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Short Film CompetitionFiction, documentary and experimental films in the shorts competition

Small forms demand conciseness. Every film is a separate world with its own rules, a distinct aesthetic system and a unique story, all in the space of just forty, twenty or even ten minutes of screen time. The best short films are those that reveal an even bigger world beyond the borders of the frame and editing cuts. This world may look like objective reality, or it could be a space for memories, myths or ideas. Fictions, documentaries and experimental films participate in the short film competition on an equal footing, since there is no right way to make a film.

Unity in diversity is one of the main principles of the competition. Experiments in editing and realistic fictional stories, personal essays and religious mysteries, document and animation, lived accounts of social reality and news from other worlds – all of these genres feature in the competition. Twenty countries from around the world are represented, from Finland, Lithuania and Ukraine to Singapore, Argentina and India; three films were directed by Russian filmmakers. What is common to each of them is a genuine desire to portray an ever-changing reality (in all its various forms) and the search for a new language to portray it. There is just one formal criterion: the directors of the competition have not yet made their feature-length debut.