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Made in RussiaIndependent experimental films by Russian directors

One of the goals of our festival is to provide a platform for young and independent filmmakers whose work resists classifications of genre and would be out of place on more traditional film programmes, never mind theatrical release schedules. This kind of cinema does exist in our country, but often struggles to find its way to audiences.

Made in Russia is a programme of feature-length experimental films made by our compatriots, and which we hope will become a permanent fixture of the festival. Just three films have been selected for this year’s edition but all of them, in their own way, push the boundaries of formal convention. Babay is an improvisational coming-of-age drama which – not unsuccessfully – presents itself as a documentary, but is in fact the product of the director’s will and imagination. It is the only film on the list to have been screened at other festivals, premiering this year in Rotterdam. Zhitiye Goreslava Chuzhdozemnogo is a fiercely independent work from the artist collective behind the enigmatic Chervograd Film studio. Most previous screenings of this picture were organised by the film’s creators themselves, and we are delighted to present its festival premiere. Danton’s Death, the directorial debut from original theatre director and playwright Andrey Stadnikov, will be shown for the first time. This unusual film brings the methods of contemporary avant-garde theatre to film, and it is a source of great pride for us to be hosting its world premiere.