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Jury SelectionWorks by members of the two international juries

Our festival jury is made up of people who use a variety of approaches to their work with image, movement and sound. This is reflected in the programme, which will see members of the jury for the international competition present their own works. The ethical realism of Sergey Dvortsevoy’s Ayka (produced by Thanassis Karathanos) and the search for reality in Bakur Bakuradze’s Brother Dejan contrast with with the visionary documentary filmmaking of Andrés Duque’s Karelia. Philip Gröning’s austere Into Great Silence, which looks at the lives of ascetic monks, is a perfect match for Polina Kanis’ equally muted The Shift, while both films find their counterpart in The Soldier, a verbose half-hour portrait of the creation of Dmitry Volkostrelov’s five-minute play.